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What? Britney Spear’s latest hit song “Hold It Against Me” is being accused of being a copy written song. The co-writer, Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald, is being accused of knocking off his other clients, The Bellamy Brothers, who had a song “If I Said You Had¬† Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me” from 1979. Gottwald claims that The Bellamy Brothers are just making a “publicity stunt aimedd to increase their record sales”. I’ve listened to both verisons and they don’t even sound close to the same style of sound and the line is only similar. I have listened to many songs and you’ll always find the same kind of lyrics and it’s not copyright. This lawsuit is not really worth anything because it seems like a false claim.

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Everyone gets all hyped up on the latest updated verisons of MacBooks, iPads, MacBook Pros, and iPods. IT’S ALL THE SAME!! People are made to think that what they are spending twice the money on is the exact same thing they got a month or two ago. It has maybe one extra feature that you don’t even need. Like the iPhone for instance. You can only have “FaceTime” if the person you want to video chat with has an iPhone4 as well. It’s pointless if you are the only one in your group of friends or within the people you know who have it. It’s not worth buying if you are the only one with access to only the high-tech fancy stuff. So save your money and keep your older verison of your iPod, MacBook, or iPad.


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Christina Aguilera Arrested: Could Be New Charlie Sheen   Leave a comment

We all know that Charlie Sheen has some mental and physical problems along with substance abuse, but Christina Aguilera is no where close to the state that Charlie Sheen is in. Christina Aguilera is known to have had a few public intoxications, but nothing to compare her to Charlie Sheen. This compassion came up when Aguilera was arrested for “public intoxication” and being “unable to take care of herself” at around 2:45am on March 1, 2011.¬†Her boyfriend,¬†Matthew Rutler was also arrested for driving under the infulence. Her bail was only $225, while Rutler’s was $30,000. The¬†media is making her seem worse then the situation really is because everyone has had their moment having having one to many drinks; Charlie Sheen just has issues.

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Rihanna is facing legal charges for her new music video for her latest single “S&M”. She is being sued by fashion photographer David Pachappelle for¬†¬†copying¬†eight of his photographs in her new¬† music video as well as stealing the ‚Äúcomposition, total concept, feel, tone, mood, theme, colors, props, settings, decors, wardrobe and lighting of his work.‚ÄĚ . Her video was already banned 11 countries for suggestive lyrics about sex and her actions in the video and now she is being sued for stealing. Pachappelle’s photography has been used in magazines, such as, Rolling Stone, GQ, and Vanity Fair. I think that she is 100% copying his photographs in her music video, but I think the main reason he is sueing her is because she’s famous, and has a lot of money and possibly because he could get some lime-light for sueing the famous R&B singer. Pachappelle could’ve take the fact that she was using his pictures for ideas as a compliment of her love for his work,¬†but he wants money.

Comparassion of the Photos and the Video:


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