“Teen Mom” Star Paid For Famous Fight Video   Leave a comment

The show “Teen Mom” became a hit series for MTV in 2009, so it produced a second season called “Teen Mom 2”. One of the teen moms in the second season Jenelle Evans is a wild child, who has been arrested twice, got custody taken away, and she had a fight with a girl filmed. This fight video was all over the media and became famous. The video showed Evans putting the victim in a headlock, beating her to the ground, and punching her in the face, stomach and head, while on her her friends was filming and the rest were cheering her on. Sources revealed it was over her ex-boyfriend. A friend of Jenlle’s, who was cheering her on, told the press that after the video had been filmed it was Jenelle and her friends idea to sell it to someone with connections with the media, and was sold for $5,000. Jenelle tried getting more money out of it, saying, “You wouldn’t get any money if I wasn’t famous!”. It’s sad to think someone would start a fight and hurt someone to make money when the show already pays $5,000 per episode or $60,000-$65,000 per season.




Posted April 18, 2011 by shannandavidson in Blogs

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