Absolute Vodka Ad

1) What aspect of your culture jam do you find most successful and why?

 The aspect that is most successful in this ad is the bottles posing as the disco balls and having silhouettes of bad dancers showing embarrassment that can be the result of having alcohol.

2) What aspect of your culture jam do you find least successful and why?

The silhouettes of the people dancing might be hard for the viewers to tell that they are dancing, it may just seem like they are posing which might not make sense with the rest of the ad to some.

3) If you could do this project again, what changes would you make to improve it?

 If I could do the poster ad again, I would change the white faded areas around the people dancing to make it look clears and more put together and brighten the light beams.


Posted April 27, 2011 by shannandavidson in Photoshop

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