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The Night Hawks

Established in 2010

Competes in the NBA

Star Player:

– Bob Smith (#7)

-Jay Simpson (#13)


-Played their first season and made it to the championship game but then lost to the Lakers

City and Arena Location:

-From Austrailia and their court is located in Sydney, Austrailia.


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“Soul Surfing Into Theatres”

By: Shannan Davidson

         Today, I just saw the new surfer movie, “Soul Surfer” and I would love to tell you why I think you should go and see it! It’s an adventure movie all about surfing and beaches and following your dreams. Yes, there’s a moral to this adventurous storyline.

This movie was based on a true story. Bethany Hamilton was a born surfer. She grew up surfing with her family and competing in competitions until one day she is unexpectedly attacked by a shark while surfing and loses her arm. She is devastated and gives up surfing because she comes to the realization that she can barely make a sandwich without an arm, let alone surf. She watches her best friend get everything she was supposed to get before the accident, including a magazine cover, and surfing company’s wanting to sponsor her because everyone knew she would go far. She gave up hope until she realizes she her destiny to surfer and inspire people. With the help of her dad, and her courage, she practices so she can compete in a competition against rival Malina Birch. In real life, Bethany lost her arm in 2003 while surfing with her best friend, Alana, Alana’s father and brother in Kauai, Hawaii. The main characters in “Soul Surfer” are Bethany Hamilton (played by AnnaSophia Robb), Tom Hamilton (Dennis Quaid), Cheri Hamilton (Helen Hunt), Malina Birch (Sonya Balmores) and Sarah Hill (Carrie Underwood).

I think all actors and actresses did a wonderful job at bringing the emotion of the true story to the film. The acting performances were believable with the dramatic and intense scenes. Everyone had a great presence in the film and with the main character, played by AnnaSophia Robb, was done well with her being young and not as experienced with acting as the other actors in the film.

I liked the fact that they didn’t rush the shark attack scene and they didn’t play out the beginning of the film. The film was very paced so you understand the background of the characters and you get a feel for their passion, personality and emotions.

I learned that others have it worse and still don’t give up on what they want. So when someone says they’re going to give up and they don’t have it half as bad as someone else who won’t stop at anything to reach their dream, you can certainly do. That’s what most people will learn from “Soul Surfer”, never to give up on your dream, never let anything stop you, and accept a challenge.

 I think kids will enjoy this movie because it will inspire them to do what Bethany Hamilton did and give them a different perspective of other people’s struggles. I think athletes would also enjoy this movie because they can relate and have an appreciation for the film. I would not recommend “Soul Surfer” for people who like gory scenes and action films because this movie is far from that expectation. “Soul Surfer” is rated PG for parental guidance with children while watching the film for the shark attack scene.

My overall rating of this movie was that it was good because it was based on a true story and you can feel the emotion that the actors are trying to convey.

Rating System: 3/5

Shannan Davidson. Long time viewer, first time reviewer. Shannan has taken three computer and video courses in high school and enjoys photography and music. Loves the outdoors and summertime.

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